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remote support solutions

Remote SupportWith the majority of businesses now connected to the internet, the provision of IT support from outside of your organisation is a realistic alternative to employing staff with an IT background who can usually help with day-to-day problems but can struggle with configuration issues, security and software deployment.

By rolling out a support solution across your networked PCs, we can remotely and securely access your PC to diagnose and fix problems on request. The same technology allows us to monitor the state of your servers and, where enabled, hardware, carrying out updates and patches to keep your system running with minimal downtime.

Where software and upgrade work needs to be carried out during downtime (for example overnight) this can be arranged, with no physical access required to your building. While remote support cannot fix every problem (hardware related issues, connectivity issues, etc) many routine problems can be handled without a site visit from an engineer, therefore avoiding call-out charges.

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